From the recording Destiny

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Somebody's iPhone's ringing while we're singing. Do you hear it
Go ahead and play your voicemail. There's an urgent message from the Spirit
It's not your conscience or some nonsense that I'm talkin' 'bout
The Word you're here to hear, it'll bring around that turnaround
Around and around. Around and around you go
And when you stop, everyone will know
That you're not playing. I'm just saying. There's gonna be a change
Lookin' like new money, like you're fresh off the New York Stock Exchange
You're free to taste it. Just don't waste it. God knows it's good
Better than a rack of them babybacks, smoked on open firewood
I got a piece. You got a piece. They got a piece. We all gon' eat
Whether yours, mine, theirs. Put it together. We all gon' see
That we all have our own piece of this here puzzle
I'll take what's mine. But if you don't mind, can you make mine a double (double)
A double portion. That's my prayer, when I bow my knee
Because I know there's more than this. For me, it's gotta' be Destiny

There's a purpose. An intention. There's a reason that you're here
Don't be timid, afraid, or scared. There's no reason at all to fear
Your destiny's calling, and it's time for you to awaken
Just hit your answer button. There's a call that's gotta' be taken
The call that you've been waiting on. Today, that call has finally come
Your destiny is callin' you, but first you gotta' pick up the phone
Just talk with Destiny and find out what you're meant to be
It's a different call for you and me, but still a call of Destiny
I hear Destiny callin'. I hear Destiny talkin'
I hear the voice of Destiny sayin' you better start walkin'
Penny loafers, sandals, Jordans, even Addidas
Put'em on. Time to go. Destiny need us
Perceive it. Believe it. Heed it. Achieve it
Receive it. Cleave it. Anything but leave it
Get ready for some big things. Destiny is never small
(Ring, ring!) Wait, that's Destiny. I gotta' take this call

Be ready. Get ready. Stay ready. Here it comes
It's a call from Destiny, so pick up the phone
It's your purpose. It's your time. It's the call you've been awaiting
It's your season. It's the reason for the more you're contemplating
You already know you know there is more in store than was before
When Destiny calls, it's callin' to tell you there is more
You can' escape it. It's your destiny. So come to it
And do what Nike says. Just do it
It's your destiny, no matter what it looks to be
Purposefully on the scene. No accident. You know what I mean
You're here for something great. I know that sounds like a lot on your plate
But dive in. Don't hesitate, 'cause what's in you gon' make you great
I know you think you're already great, and yeah, I see that up in you
Still I say, don't delay. A greater call is calling you
Your destiny. Can't you see? Bigger than you've ever dreamed
Makin' calls, A to Z. It's the call of Destiny

Like Avengers, the Endgame. That's what Destiny means to me
When Thanos snapped his fingers, and who you knew, ceased to be
I'm not the same as I used to be. Heaven knows that I've been changed
Now my path is clear to me, because He called my name
Need me? Message me. I'll do my best to call you back
On a call with Destiny, and can't afford to get off track
When Destiny calls you, your answer will cause you
To get up, because you, have something to haul you
Like a vehicle, a bicycle, a car, truck, or van
You can walk in Destiny, like Superman
Flying through the air, you're soaring with the eagles
There's superhuman strength in you, that's lethal
Know who you are, and know why you're here
You're standing up invincible, with nothing to fear
And if fear comes, when it comes, just listen to me
You gotta' know for a certainty, that you've been called by Destiny