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Get Up! It's Time To Dream!
  • Get Up! It's Time To Dream!

Get Up! It's Time To Dream!

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In this second edition, Bishop and Theologian, Dr. D.L. Gilbert delves deeper into what we need to do, how we are able to do it and why we need it done. "Get Up! It's Time To Dream!" is an insightful literary tool designed to encourage the discouraged and pivot focus from the pit to the promise. The contents of its pages are invaluable to its readers, serving as a vehicle of divine proportions to impact, inspire and ignite the heart, soul and mind to get up. There's a dream awaiting.

Settling is not an option. Succumbing is not an option. Surrendering is not an option. In this book, Dr. D.L. Gilbert teaches what it means to be able to see beyond your situation, hear beyond your habitation and feel beyond your frustration. You may RESIDE there, but after becoming engulfed in these pages, it'll be impossible to REMAIN there. Get up! It's time to dream!

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Preaching God's Word!

The New Revelation Global Church is a radical, prophetic, non-denominational Christian church under the leadership of founder: Dr. D.L. Gilbert, who stands as Presiding Bishop and Senior Pastor of the church.  If you're unable to attend a service, the ministry of The New Revelation Global Church can also be experienced LIVE every Sunday (45 minutes into the service).

Producing God's Music!

Do Love Gospel Records (-aka- DLG Records) is an award-nominated, Faith-based record label designed to bring attention to many of Gospel's well-deserving musical talent around the world.  Since its inception in April of 2004, DLG Records has made tremendous momentum in the industry and has also received industry recognition by being nominated as Record Label of the Year.

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