From the recording F.R.E.E.

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You've been praying for it
You've been asking for it
You've been seeking for it
Even fasting for it
Your change is come
What are you going to do
He's done His part
And now it's up to you
Don't be a hearer
What I mean is, believe
Jesus pulled you out
And now you're free
I wonder is anybody out there
Listening to me, but that's ok

I'm talking from experience
He made me free
And now that we're free
Let's walk in liberty
Don't be entangled with that bondage again
Never again a slave to sin
And now that you're free
What are your going to do
He's talking to me
He's talking to you
But as for me
Gonna walk in liberty

Walk in liberty. Walk in liberty. Walk in liberty
Walk in liberty. Walk in liberty. Walk in liberty

So don't be talkin' and talkin'
'Less you're livin' and livin'
'Less you're walkin' and walkin'
Like you talk like you get it
You wanna look ahead
You don't wanna look back
Don't worry 'bout the past
Or you'll get off track
Got a mindset like Paul
Look forward, that's all
Let the past be the past
And God be your all
He's looking for somebody to heed the call
Is it you?

Time to walk in your God-given liberty
Last time you were bound
But this time you're free
Your deliverance: it wasn't an accident
That's the way that God wanted it to be
So don't worry 'bout what others may say
What others may do
Don't let it move you
You already know what I'm gon' do
Now, you do it too. Walk