1. F.R.E.E.
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Locked down and bound, I used to be
But now I know what it means to be free
Not too long ago, You rescued me
And whom the Son sets free, is free indeed
I'm free
No more chains
Not the same
I'm free
Finally realizing eternal ecstasy

I know what it feels like
To be locked down and bound for a long time
Stagnated, frustrated, running in circles
And running out of time
So, when you hear my testimony
When I talk about being free
It's because I know about being free

A lot of people preach, and they preach
And they preach, but can't reach
'Cause they never experience
Those things that they teach
Trying to tell me about the things
That you've never been through
But handle your business
If that's what you do
But as for me, I can tell you 'bout pain
In the dark for so long, on the midnight train
Wanted to be free. In the mirror I see
Nothing but me looking back at me
A reflection of something
That I didn't wanna be
'Cause I know I'm better than what I see
I thought a woman's love was what I needed
Until I found real ecstasy
And I looked up
That's when I began to get up
'Cause when it rained
I got tired of getting wet up
By the things that fell down from the sky
Caused some myself, so I knew why
I was going through so much
But it didn't matter
Determined to climb that ladder
All the way to the top
To get out of what I was in
At one point, I thought it was the end
I may have been the end
But not the end of my life
Because my life is hidden in Christ
The devil no longer has a hold on me
I declare to the world that now, I'm free