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The New Revelation Global Church, Inc.

432 Garden Street  -  Kissimmee, FL 34744

About Us

Located in the historic city of Kissimmee, Florida, The New Revelation Global Church is a non-denominational Christian church under the leadership of Dr. D.L. Gilbert, "Where every service yields a NEW REVELATION!"   We usher in His presence with Contemporary Praise & Worship (with occasional "old-skool" hand-clapping, foot-stomping Church), and our dress code is Casual-to-Sunday-Best.  If it's in your closet and it's appropriate, WEAR IT!  All we say is "come dressed to get your praise on!"

Our services begin by setting the atmosphere through intercession and individualized worship and devotion. Normally, about 15-30 minutes in (around 2:00pm), the service officially gets underway with the corporate reading of our afternoon Scripture, followed by the opening prayer, segueing into a high-energy praise and worship.  This sets the atmosphere for the Word of God, which directly follows.
Afterwhich, we participate in our Ministry of Giving, where you are given the opportunity to tithe, or sow a financial seed into the ministry; as you feel the Lord has placed upon your heart.  Lastly, we offer the Prayer of Salvation to all, then conclude with our weekly church announcements.

A typical Sunday service generally lasts approximately 90 minutes, with the exception of our periodic Communion Sundays, as well as our Fifth Sunday Union fellowship services, where we partake in eating after service (letting our hair down, getting to know each other better, laughing, talking, and simply loving on one another.)  We also have our fourth Sundays designated as our Youth Sundays, where our youth and young adults are encouraged to be more active in the service and showcase their giftings.

At The New Revelation Global Church, you will find the freedom you've been searching for to praise God the way that your individual heart desires.  You will enjoy a welcoming atmosphere of LOVE and "REALness," as well as receive an unparalleled level of empowering, sound, Theological teaching, preaching, and prophetic Words from the Most High.  We invite YOUR family to become part of OURS!

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