Preaching God's Word

The New Revelation Global Church is a radical, prophetic, non-denominational Christian church under the leadership of founder: Dr. D.L. Gilbert, who stands as Presiding Bishop and Senior Pastor of the church.  If you're unable to attend a service, the ministry of The New Revelation Global Church can also be experienced LIVE every Sunday (45 minutes into the service).  Click to learn more.

Producing God's Music

Do Love Gospel Records (-aka- DLG Records) is an award-nominated, Faith-based record label designed to bring attention to many of Gospel's well-deserving musical talent around the world.  Since its inception in April of 2004, DLG Records has made tremendous momentum in the industry and has also received industry recognition by being nominated as Record Label of the Year.  Click to learn more.

Preparing God's People

D.L. Gilbert Ministries is the Preaching, Teaching, Outreach, and Music & Arts Ministry of Dr. D.L. Gilbert.  It also serves as the parent ministry of MusicPreacher Productions as well as MusicPreacher Publishing, which was established to publish books authored by Dr. D.L. Gilbert and various other Christian authors in and around North America.  Click to learn more.


Coping with COVID-19

What We've Learned

  • The virus can affect anyone of any sex, race, or age.
  • Those with other health problems, low immune systems, and the elderly are more susceptible to the virus.
  • The virus can survive on surfaces between a period of a few hours to a few days.
  • It can be contracted through the cough or sneeze of an affected person, or by touching your eyes or face after touching an infected person or surface.
  • Frequent hand washing and social distancing slows the spread of COVID-19.

What We Believe

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