Before You Ordain: TRAIN!
  • Before You Ordain: TRAIN!
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"Before You Ordain: TRAIN!" is a Church Leadership Training Workbook designed to aide the local Pastor in facilitating effective Leadership Classes, leading up to the ordination of aspiring Ministry Leadership candidates, and can be administered by the Pastor over a period of either 12 weeks or 12 months. *In this Workbook, you will find 12 easily outlined sections. Each section (or part) has been assigned a memorable "H-of-the-P" title, such as: Part I "HAPPENINGS of the PULPIT," Part II "HEART of the PASTOR," Part III "HEALTH of the PEOPLE," and so on. If taught effectively, the course outline in this curriculum will equip those aspiring to ordination with the solid foundation needed to become effective Leaders within their local church.

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